Wabash Hills Farm

Rob, Dee Dee, Alyse & Hannah Morris
19422 E. 1050th Rd.
Marshall, Il 62441

Welcome To Our Farm

Thank you for stopping by our farm.  Please have a look around and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.  Please visit our Facebook page.  We hope you will "like" us there.

Look What's New.......

We have added Savannah goats to our farm.  Savannah goats are to be considered a mothering breed.  One of the most important performance traits worth preserving in a Savannah doe is that she will rear kids without intervention.  Savannah goats are non seasonal breeders.  Stay tuned for more pictures.  To read more about Savannah goats, please see our goat and links page.


We have recently added pigs to our farm. We have some Spots sows and a Hereford boar . Their pic is below. We are moving towards raising purebred Herefords.  Herefords are a lesser known breed that has less intrusion from the showpig industry. Our goal with the pigs is to raise farm fresh pork and purebred stock that is able to function in a more natural setting.  We do not use confinement buildings but various buildings, concrete pads, and dirt lots. Check out our Pigs and Links page for more info.


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